Car Connection 1.0 : Safety

For you. Your family. And other traveling passengers. Car Connection 1.0 brings you an array of connected services that make every drive a safer and more confident experience. Essential roadside services mean you're never far from help, and a driver safety package helps protect those you love, especially teens and seniors. No one ever expects to face trouble on the road, but isn't it great to know that you're protected all the same?


Specific Safety Features

  • Emergency Roadside Assistance — will come to you and assist you 24/7 for many roadside events like flat tire, out of gas, or towing.
  • Emergency Response — will allow you to call a 24/7 Emergency Response call center from your Smart phone when in the vehicle.
  • Safe Driver- options include Text Blocking service app to reduce texting and driving plus Safety Zones (Geo-fencing) for automatic alerts. Driver Scoring reports are also available to help improve driving habits.
  • Stolen Vehicle Assistance — will allow you to share the vehicle location with the police to help them recover your vehicle.

Safety. Savings.
Car Connection 1.0 brings you an array of connected services!